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Say Aaaaaaaah!
Dr Tooth Little is coming to town

Dealing with children requires a different set of rules, which is why we pride ourselves on knowing just how to relate to children, and with the added advantage of getting across a dental message in a fun and educational way.

We have a strong focus on education, prevention and early treatment, so that little ones don’t have to go through continuous dental treatment or worse an operation.

Only R20 per child

  • 1 hour visit in your school hall.
  • A puppet show educating kids on proper dental and oral health.
  • Kids learn the Dr Tooth Little Floss song.
  • Additional information will be sent home for parents regarding a screening visit.
  • Dr Tooth Little is available for further visits on dental screenings and even add-on dental treatments.

Only R60 per child

  • Dental screening by oral hygienist in Dr Tooth Little’s very own mobile bus.
  • Dr Tooth Little Edu-Pack.
  • Learn how to brush your teeth properly.
  • Educational activity.
  • Learn the Dr Tooth Little Floss song.
  • Meet Dr Tooth Little and have a group photo.
  • Dr Tooth Little stamp on your child’s hand.

Recommended Additional Treatment Options

RED PACKAGE: R400 per child

  • Polish
  • Fluoride treatment
  • One-on-one tooth brush lesson

YELLOW PACKAGE: R550 per child

  • Full dental exam
  • Four X-rays

GREEN PACKAGE: R900 per child

  • Full dental exam
  • Four X-rays
  • Polish
  • Fluoride treatment
  • One-on-one tooth brush lesson

If your school has more than 40 children or a dentist is required, we will book another day with you for the Add-On options.

Education, aftercare and holiday programmes available. Dentist visits are fun with Dr Tooth Little Express. We would love to come to your school for an educational visit.

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Dr Tooth Little Express is out and about making it easy to keep up to date with dental healthcare and oral hygiene.