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Dr Surine Barnes, the brainchild behind Dr Tooth Little, has over 13 years of dental experience,
including surgery. Surine has children of her own, so she has just the right touch to make your little one feel comfortable.

Dr Tooth Little not only works longer hours, so that you can fit your extra-mural timetable in too,
but has more treatment rooms. This means we can see more patients at the same time.

Meet Dr Tooth Little’s team

Dr Surine Barnes
Dr Surine BarnesOwner/Dentist
Dr Adéle Raats
Dr Adéle RaatsDentist
Dr Karin Ligthelm
Dr Karin LigthelmDentist
Dr Coené Bezuidenhout
Dr Coené BezuidenhoutDentist
Mariska Strydom
Mariska StrydomOral Hygienist
Marie de Waal
Marie de WaalPractice Manager
Diddie Pienaar
Diddie PienaarAccounts
Norma Sadie
Norma SadieReception
Linda Groenewaldt
Linda GroenewaldtReception
Charity Ndlovu
Charity NdlovuDental Assistant
Vernique Bezuidenhout
Vernique BezuidenhoutDental Assistant



Dr Tooth Little Smiling Child

Dr Tooth Little has the expertise and skills to offer sound support for problems like dental cavities and gum diseases, but we also offer credible advice to parents based on known and tested methods.

Our advice includes nutrition and the kind of food that should be avoided. We hope this will help you as parents understand what is best for your children and if followed correctly, unnecessary teeth extractions under anesthesia and other dental problems can be prevented.

It’s our love of children that sets Dr Tooth Little apart from the rest. We take personal pride in seeing bright happy smiles.