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Welcome to Dr. Tooth Little – it’s a happy place to be.

At Dr Tooth Little, we understand more than anyone that a visit to the dentist for little people is not as exciting as an outing to the zoo or even a play-date. In fact, many children become quite anxious and nervous at the very mention of the “D” word.


Dealing with children requires a different set of rules, which is why we pride ourselves on knowing just how to relate to children, and with an added advantage of getting across a dental message in a fun and educational way.

We have a strong focus on education, prevention and early treatment, so that little ones don’t have to go through continuous dental treatment or worse an operation. We do this through active participation with our little patients as well as Mom and Dad, so that together we can help your child develop proper oral hygiene practices and the importance of brushing, flossing and having a healthy diet.

As Pediatric Dentists, we are experts in children’s dental health and we know exactly how to make your child feel comfortable during a visit to the dentist. Before you know it, your child will be riding in the dentist chair and willingly cooperating with us while we “count their teeth”.