Welcome to Dr. Tooth Little

Your Family Dentist

At Dr Tooth Little, we understand more than anyone that a visit to the dentist for little people is not as exciting as an outing to the zoo or even a play-date. In fact, many children become quite anxious and nervous at the very mention of the “D” word.

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Welcome to
Dr. Tooth Little

Your Family Dentist

Saving teeth is part of our daily routine! We care about your family’s dental health and therefore know exactly how to put everyone of all ages at ease. From babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Let us look at your family’s dental health from teething to dentures.

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Nothing is more important than your smile, but a healthy smile comes with good dental care. At Dr. Tooth Little we know how important is to develop and maintain healthy oral hygiene habits for the entire family.

We specializes in professional cleaning, laser dentistry, paediatric and children’s dentistry, sedation, teeth whitening, orthodontic treatments, KRSTL Aligners, crowns, bridges, root canal treatments, implants, dentures, mouth guards and mobile dental services.

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Dr. Toothlittle on the move

Dr. Tooth Little on the Move is a convenient way of looking after children’s oral health during a school visit.

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A tooth is the only part in the body that cannot heal itself.

Dental check-ups can resolve minor issues before they become a much larger problem.

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